Lil C, TMI Boyz (Houston)

“Wendy Day’s system and commitment to helping us build our company and project was on point.  She helped us put together the project from start to finish and we sold 3 mixed CDs, toured for almost a year, and sold almost 30,000 CDs in our first month—hitting the Billboard charts in our first week at #9!  I tripled my investment in 16 months.

Wait!! One quote isn’t enough. Wendy is the best!! What I like about her work is that she does more than what the Major labels do, streetwise!! And her grind for indies is like a machine—all that to say, that if you have Ms Day, then fuck a major deal (although she’s done some of the best deals, too)! Get with her and get your money up!!” --Lil Cease, Owner, TMI Records

Young Buck

“I’ve been working with Wendy since April of 2008 and she’s the realest ni@@a I know! Her insight and knowledge is incredible, and she’s given me incredible support and ideas for my career that have been exceptional! I love you, Ma! Real Talk!” --Young Buck, recording artist and CEO of Cashville Records

Mannie Fresh

“Thank you for everything! And I mean everything!!” --Mannie Fresh, producer, and CEO of Chubby Boy Records

Killer Mike

“Wendy Day has been the artists’ advocate and friend in contract and corporate matters. She has, through panels and editorials, given the industry tutorials that dramatically expanded my business mind and model. She is one of the only people I trust!! Everyone who takes their business seriously will talk with WENDY DAY!” --Killer Mike, Recording artist


“Not only is Wendy Day a wonderful woman, she is everything anybody could need or want for getting into this business! I’ve known her for years and consider her a close friend. Also, when she believes in something or someone, it really counts in this GAME!” --BloodRaw, recording artist, formerly of CTE/Def Jam


"I have known Wendy since the late 90s when she was working with us at Cash Money to get our weight up while getting us the big deal.  Then in 2001, when I realized I wasn't being paid properly, I turned to Wendy for help.  She helped get me away from a bad situation and even shopped me to other labels.  Although she didn't agree with my decision to go to Koch, she was always there for me to answer questions and offer help.  I'm writing this from behind the wall, and know what Wendy can do for a career--both then and now!  Shout out to Trouble.  I see you, man." --B.G., Recording Artist

Freeway Ricky Ross

“Wendy Day and her team are the ONLY choice for me and my company to start our label! There is no other.” --Freeway Ricky Ross, CEO,

Junior Gordon

“When I first got into the music business from the streets in the mid-90s, I thought it would be easy and that I knew all I needed to know. A million plus dollars later of wasted funds, I learned it was treacherous and I wish I had known Wendy back then (I met her right after my indictment and hired her upon my release from Federal prison). Her value is her knowledge, connections, and ease of explanation of what we have to do and when to do it. She makes it easy for me, so that my sole responsibility is raising capital for my label. Wendy put all the systems in place—the structure, the foundation, and the organization. She is truly a blessing for all labels!” –Junior, CEO, Neu Generation Entertainment (formerly Big Dread Records)

Julia Beverly, Ozone Magazine

“Wendy’s track record speaks for itself. She knows all the ins and outs of the music business, has lengthy experience, and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Her knowledge & assistance is invaluable for any indie label stepping up to the big leagues.” –Julia Beverly, Owner/Publisher, Ozone Magazine and

Big Meech, Black Mafia Family

“Wendy, you are a very important person in Hip Hop whether people recognize it or not, and you have helped create some of the biggest indie labels.” --Big Meech, Black Mafia Family (via email from the Feds)

Mike Segovia (Mickey Zobel, Rapper)

"Thank you for everything! Wendy always went above and beyond for us even though my partner was difficult. She worked hard, explained why we were doing things a certain way, and focused on our return on investment.  I'd like to hire her again." --Mike Segovia, Investor

Guy Zobel (Manager, Mickey Zobel, Rapper)

"Wendy has been amazing.  She stayed with us after the investor fired his partner, and hung in there with us for over a year while we sorted out the legal issues.  Even after our investor moved on, she remained in our corner and helped us as much as possible without a budget.  It is wonderful to find someone who is trustworthy and who does what she says.  Wendy truly under promises and over delivers." --Guy Zobel, Manager of Mickey Zobel

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