Gold Plan

This is the plan you need if your goal is to build an artist's career to either stay independent or to attract a major label with the intention of signing a leveraged deal--leverage is what occurs when the artist has a buzz in the marketplace, develops a fan base, and proves to the Major Labels that the risk is reduced because your artist is a proven entity with fans through performances, video views, radio spins, and social media acceptance. The choice would be yours to continue making money independently, or to sign to a deal if and when an offer makes financial sense. It's always preferable to retain the control and ownership by not needing to take a deal unless you decide you want one.

Our focus is to build consumer awareness for the artist and brand, help build fame, and monetize the project so there is a return on investment for the investor. The idea is to do this more slowly than the Platinum Plan and at a reduced investment. It will take longer to break even and build awareness, but the financial risk is reduced. The plan is to release 2 projects consisting of a series of songs into the marketplace with the focus on building awareness and increasing the buzz to enlarge the fan base.

After analyzing the music, the artist's potential fan base, current team (if there is one), and location, Wendy Day will put together a realistic Plan of Action, Budget, and Timeline. Wendy will then assure that key aspects of the structure, organization, and foundation of your company is sound via assembling and overseeing some of the necessary contracts, incorporations, corporate agreements and registrations to protect your rights to release music into the marketplace. Some of the agreements and registrations will need to be secured on your own as they are needed, but you will have a full understanding at that time.

Additionally, I bring access to the legitimate distribution companies that allow shorter durations within their deals in case a major label wants to do a deal with you. We will release 2 projects by one artist or group and my goal is to show you how to do this, hands on, so that you can continue to do this on your own after the first year, and continue building your artist's career and making money with music. It's important to give you choice in deciding to keep building independently, or entertain offers from major labels once a level of success is built that attracts them. Monetizing the music is important, but it takes a back seat to building the awareness of the artist in the marketplace and in the music industry in this Gold Plan.

After the finished music is delivered, these are the following areas that I oversee and help you implement for 9 months:

  • 2 full length releases
  • Artwork
  • Video creation (6)
  • Multiple Single release (20-30 songs)
  • Promotional Tours
  • Street Promotions
  • Radio and Video Promotion for 1 single
  • Social Media for 6 months
  • Publicity for 4 months
  • Streaming Set up and Promotion
  • Internet Promotion
  • Creation of Promotional Tools
  • Contracts

Budgets are strictly enforced with the intention to breakeven within the first year so income can be reinvested back into the company. Investors should see a return on investment within 12 to 18 months. You will need an investment of at least $93,000 and I charge $50,000 to quarterback this effort, so you are looking at an investment of at least $143,000 over a period of 4 months. You are starting a legitimate business with the intention of growing the career of an independent artist to either stay independent or do a deal with a major record label. To secure an investor(s), you will most likely need to have a Business Plan.

This Plan does NOT include recording, mixing, mastering, studio time, production, or office overhead. It also does not include advances, if any, or expenses for the artist. If you need funding to create the music or for office space, you will need to add that to your Business Plan.

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