I am very selective of which clients I accept. If I feel I can't add value, I'll pass on the opportunity to work with you. Your music must be commercially viable for me to succeed. A large amount of fans must embrace it. This is exceptionally true for the Silver and Bronze Plans. It is extremely difficult to succeed in this industry for less than a $160,000 budget for marketing and promotion. The less money you spend, the greater your music must be. Additionally, you and I will need to work harder, call in more favors, and be extremely lucky.

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To separately purchase a plan without hiring me is $7,500 and it will take me 2 weeks to tailor it to your music and geographic region. To include a budget with it will cost $10,000 for the Plan and budget. The Plan and budget are for marketing and promotion only, and do NOT include recording, mixing, mastering, studio time, production, office overhead, advances, or expenses for the artist.

The Disclaimer That Keeps The Lawyers Happy

And now the annoying fine print which states that the music business is risky and although others have had success from hiring me to consult them, that does not mean that you will. There is no guarantee stated or implied in working with Wendy Day or PowerMoves, LLC. Neither me, nor my company can control the marketplace, how fans or consumers will react to you or to your music, or your ability to put in the necessary time, work, music, content, money, and dedication it takes to succeed in the music business. There are numerous uncontrollable forces at work in building a successful career and it's very possible you will not succeed in this industry. By hiring me as a consultant, you are paying for my time and my best efforts. You are also receiving an education in the music industry. --Wendy Day

What To Do Next?

After choosing the Plan that's best for you, it's time to reach out and have a conversation with Wendy Day. After that, the next step would be to arrange a meeting to see if you'd be interested in working together.

Email Wendy Day at LivingTheRapLife@gmail.com or call 404.474.1999.