Bronze Plan

This basic plan is offered for those who need to start a career in the music industry but don't have the necessary funding in place. The goal is to build awareness for you in the marketplace and build a small fan base through free performances, video views, and social media acceptance to hopefully attract a potential investor or a record deal with a major or independent record label.

The benefit of this plan is it offers you limited direction to build success in the music industry without losing money or wasting time. It will take exponentially more work and time to build your career but it is doing so by spending the minimum amount of money. The music industry is an expensive industry, and many artists miss their chance to succeed because they don't know how to get noticed, who to turn to for help, or they have too small of a buzz (or no buzz). It's not their fault--the music industry doesn't share accurate information readily, and because there are so many inept and unsavory people eager to separate people from their money, it makes it difficult to succeed. We help build the basic foundation for a successful career for the artist by shortening your learning curve and utilizing proven methods to succeed in today's music business.

After analyzing the music, the artist's fan base, current team (if there is one), and location, Wendy Day will put together a realistic Plan of Action, Budget, and Timeline. Wendy will then make certain you have the most necessary artist contract (if you aren't the artist) that is the basis and foundation of controlling and releasing music into the marketplace and making money in the music industry. Monetizing the music with the Bronze Plan is secondary to building the awareness of the artist in the marketplace and in the music industry. You will learn how to properly market and promote a release so you can move forward on your own, to hopefully be in position to secure an investor or record deal with a little bit of luck and hard work. I bring access to a legitimate distributor who is willing to distribute just one release.

After the finished music is delivered, these are the following areas that I oversee and help you implement for 3 months:

  • 1 release
  • Artwork
  • Video creation (3)
  • 6 Singles
  • Promotional Tour (4 weeks)
  • Street Promotions
  • Social Media for 3 months
  • Blog Servicing for 2 months
  • Internet Promotion
  • Creation of Promotional Tools

This is the most minimal plan we offer for artists launching their careers. Budgets are extremely limited so sharp attention must be in place. Every dollar is crucial--there is no room for mistakes! The timing must be on point. You will need to invest at least $30,000 and I charge $15,000 to quarterback this project, so you are looking at spending a total of $45,000 over a period of 3 months. In order to monetize this Bronze Plan, you would need to have a hot record, a little bit of luck, and work hard. Regardless, you will expand awareness, learn how to properly market and promote a release so you can move forward on your own to secure an investor to stay independent or do a deal with a major record label.

This Plan does NOT include recording, mixing, mastering, studio time, production, or office overhead. It also does not include advances or expenses for the artist. It will be in addition to the above budget.

Because of the risky nature of this plan, we are EXTREMELY selective about who we accept with the Bronze Plan.  The budget is MINIMAL, and our concern is that it will not get you to a level that will create a large enough awareness for you to seek an investor or a record deal.  While the majority of artists are out here wasting money to gain a small amount of fame, we do not believe investing solely in fame to be beneficial to a career.  Our goal is not only to get you further than you are, but to get you into position to succeed within the music industry and build a career.

If we do not feel we can not benefit your situation, we would rather not take your money.

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