Our Approach

We believe in maximizing budgets while achieving goals and success with our clients.  Teaching artists and their teams how to build a career in the music industry is our first priority.  Instead of feeding you, we teach you how to fish.  We want you to become self-sufficient, and for our industry relationships to become your relationships.  Your career continues long after we are gone.

Our Story

We started helping artists in 1992, and nothing has changed.  The artists' career is our #1 priority.  Our entire team is dedicated to building your buzz alongside you.  Our reputation and track record are solid.  We show you how to do this properly, and introduce you to other trustworthy workers in the industry with track records of success.  Why lose money in this industry when you don't have to? Why bump your head when we've already done it for you and can show you the right path.

Meet the Team


Wendy Day

Founder & CEO

Wendy Day has an MBA in Marketing, and 25 years of experience in building rappers from unknown artists to stars.  Wendy has created many millionaires in the music industry and changed many lives for the better.


Tony Guidry

Vice President

Tony Guidry brings innovative promotional skills along with his strengths in touring, streaming, and digital marketing to add tremendous value to our clients.  He can be found on all social media @IamThaConnect.

Next Step...

Now that you know who we are, check out our Plans to choose what's best for your needs and budget, or reach out to us via email at LivingTheRapLife@gmail.com:





After choosing the Plan that's best for you, it's time to reach out and have a conversation with Wendy Day. The next step after that would be to arrange a meeting to see if you'd be interested in working together. Wendy looks for 3 things in a client: 1) marketable music from a charismatic artist, 2) enough money to market and promote properly, and 3) a strong work ethic.  We out work every other artist out there.  Does this sound like you?